Royals Plumbing offers a leak detection service to find those hard to spot leaks that cant be pinpointed by eye. Using state or the art hi -tech sonar equipment a leak may be able to be found that may be consealed in a wall or under concrete with ease and great accuracy therefore speeding up the repair process and save you money in the long run.

Most under ground water leaks are hard to spot and you wont usually know if you have a water leak until you receive you quarterly water bill by the local council and by that time its to late and you could be up for hundreds of dollars in charges for excess water. If you have had underground water leaks on your property before it may mean your water pipes are old and leaking or may not have been installed correctly causing the pipes to leak in this case it pays to check you water meter take a reading at night before you go to bed when you have stop using all taps and toilets and take another reading in the morning before you use any water and see if the number have changed from your last nights reading if they have you can be sure you have a leak within your homes water system and a plumber should be called immediately to check all plumbing fixtures and pipes to ensure your water system is water tight and leak free.

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