When installing a new washing machine, some things to remember if you choose to DIY are:

1. Make sure it’s the hose is connected to the washing machine tap provided some older units have a hot and cold connection which includes a hot and cold hose and a hot and cold tap some of the new units only have a cold hose and the washing machine heats the water within the unit.

2. When connecting the hose to the tap make sure you do not over tighten the hose when connecting it to the tap as this can damage the thread which is only a plastic in turn making the connection leak.

3. Adjust the feet at each corner of the base of the machine by turning counter-clockwise until they are all level with the floor, which will help ensure the machine doesn’t vibrate during use.

4. To avoid flooding the laundry with water from the washing machine remember to place the drainage hose in the laundry sink’s drainage outlet and unsure the u shaped bracket is put on the hose making sure the water is directed into hole provided on the side of the laundry tub.