Stormwater and storm season.

During storm season its always a good idea to check that your downpipes and stormwater drains are working correctly,dont leave it until the storm hits and you realize you have areas around your home flooding.Check all downpipes coming from the roof which go to the ground and make sure they are not overflowing.Check all […]

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Washing machine installation tips

When installing a new washing machine, some things to remember if you choose to DIY are:

1. Make sure it’s the hose is connected to the washing machine tap provided some older units have a hot and cold connection which includes a hot and cold hose and a hot and cold tap some of the […]

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Water Filters – Best practices

Believe it or not the water your drinking on the Gold Coast isn’t that great if it was there would be such a great demand for bottled water people would just drink tap water and save them selves a heap of money makes sense. Deposits of rust and sediment in our pipes is the […]

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